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Purchase Loan Rescue – Loan Failed During Contract? We can help!

Did your loan fall through during contract? We can help! Call 909-821-7447

Call our hotline at 909-821-7447 or contact us below!

Mortgage rescue available everyday, anytime. Leave a detailed message on what’s going on and we’ll reach out ASAP! We may be able to take over your purchase and meet your current Close of Escrow date.

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How We've Helped

Debra and her daughter thought they were pre-approved and ready to go. Their offer got accepted, escrow was opened, and she was delighted!

However, once her loan was submitted to underwriting – her file was denied due to a mistake her loan officer made calculating her debt-to-income ratio.

With a higher than average debt-to-income ratio – Debra was scared. Her loan officer said he couldn’t help, and she needed this home badly.

Debra reached out to J Bee Home Loans, who took over her purchase loan. We were able to meet her Close of Escrow date in only 10 days upon receiving her file.