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👋 Seeking Quality Real Estate Professionals

We are looking for agents who can sell homes to buyers.

We are a local lender with the marketing, sales tools and people that will convert your real estate leads for you.

We book you pre-qualified appointments from our own lead sources as well as your leads from Zillow, Boomtown, Facebook, Google etc...

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Joel Burlingame
Loan Officer NMLS # 283067
email: buzz@jbeehomeloans.com
phone: (909) 821-7447
J Bee Home Loans NMLS#2004628
🐝 Residential, Commercial, VA & FHA Mortgages

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Our Conversion Rates

With a dedicated team focused on simply converting leads, a customized follow-up system, and over 20+ years of experience - we've been able to tailor our lead conversion campaigns to output high response rates.

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Our Advantages

By deciding to become a Real Estate partner with J Bee Home Loans - enjoy a multitude of advantages other lenders can't compete with.

Fast Closings

Average COE in 21 days or less. Table funding provided.

Peace of Mind Communication

All parties are kept informed with immediate and weekly updates throughout the loan process.

No Calls Left Behind

With our after-hours hotline, callers can reach us 24/7.

Let Us Handle the Work

Lead conversion, client updates, and busy-work tasks are handled by our skilled team to give you time to focus on Real Estate.


Meet Our Team

joel burlingame j bee home loans

Joel Burlingame

Loan Officer

jill burlingame jbee home loans

Jill Burlingame

Branch Manager, Administration

Loriauna Mora

Business Partner, Marketing Development

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