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JBee Home Loans

JBee Home Loans

Chino Hills, United States

Job Title
Lead Generation Specialist (Mortgage)
United States
Job Type
Contractual On-site
28 November, 2021

Company Description


JBee Home Loans is a growing residential mortgage lender in California built on a proven track record as a long-time industry leader. The Los Angeles-based company, founded by Joel & Jill Burlingame, specializes in standardized home loans, VA loans, FHA loans, low-credit score approval loans, refinancing and more.

  • sales
  • telemarketing
  • Knowledge or experience in mortgage and/or real es


We are looking for a Remote Mortgage Lead Generation Specialist!

We are a mortgage broker in Southern California. This position is commission only - Lead Generation Specialists will be paid upon each file you help us bring in and we close.

What is a Lead Generation Specialist?

A Lead Generation Specialist will be responsible for managing inbound responses and making outbound calls to potential clients who are looking to purchase a home.

All of the leads that we'll be asking you to call on have expressed interest in purchasing a home at some point in time.

Daily Duties Include

  • Taking inbound texts and calls to set up appointments for mortgage consultations.
  • Making outbound calls to a list of potential home buyers.
  • Respond to text messages and emails from our marketing campaigns.
  • Take excellent notes - such as asking the potential client what they're looking to do, their credit score range, monthly income, etc.
  • Fill out the forms we provide - this way we have as much information as possible from the lead.
  • Convert outbound and inbound leads - getting them to the mortgage application and or consultation call.
  • Manage data for new and prospective clients within CRM, ensuring all communications are logged, information is accurate and documents are attached.
  • Update Referral Partners as needed.

How does the pay work?

Upon gaining interest in a potential lead and helping to convert them - our team will handle paperwork, such as taking the 1003 application and starting their mortgage application process. Your position is only to be making calls, conversing with leads, taking notes, and gaining interest from potential clients. We handle the closing.

Once the file closes in escrow - you will receive a flat fee for helping us gain this lead. This flat fee is negotiable and has the opportunity to increase the more we grow.

Example - You call a client and find out they're looking to purchase a home. You will help us convert that lead, get as much information as possible, and continue following up until we get a mortgage application from this lead. Once the file closes, you will receive a flat fee.

The pay is limitless. The more leads you help us bring in and we close, the more income you receive.

Required experience and knowledge

  • Must be comfortable with making outbound calls and taking inbound calls.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet and/or exceed determined activity quotas.
  • A proven track record of strong client relationships.
  • Excellent client service skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Technical Experience

  • Proficient in MS Office products (Excel, Word, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint)
  • Experience with CRM Software preferred.
  • Comfortable with using Microsoft Teams to communicate.
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