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How Real Estate Agents Can Help Veterans

BEE Knowledgeable: Resources for Real Estate Agents

Our typical VA buyers come to us seeking knowledge on how they can use their VA benefits to purchase a home. 

This page serves as a resource for Real Estate agents to learn how to help and attract VA buyers.

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Table of Contents

Summary of VA Home Loan Advantages

100% Financing with NO County Loan Limits

As of 2020 - No down payment required with NO county loan limits. We recently helped a Veteran finance a 1.5mil dollar home with 0% down.

100% Gift Funds Allowed

Friends and family members can “gift” money to the buyer in order for them to cover costs. Gifts can cover as much as 100% of all costs.

Extremely Low Rates

Veterans will be delighted to see that the rates for a VA home loan or refinance are significantly lower than a conventional home loan.

Not Limited to First Time Homebuyers

As long as the Veteran has their entitlement - they can use it for a VA home loan multiple times.

No Minimum Reserve Requirements

Veterans can finance with a VA home loan without the need for "reserves" - aka an amount of cash that you're required to keep on hand after paying for your down payment and closing costs.

Surviving Spouse May Be Entitled

An unmarried surviving spouse of a veteran who died while in service or from a service connected disability may use benefits. Certain conditions may apply.

Fast & Easy Loan Process

VA Home Loans, Refinances, and IRRRLs are one of the easiest home financing transactions to complete. Most see closing in 21 days or less.

Manufactured Homes OK

Veterans and military members can look to use their hard-earned VA loan benefits to purchase a manufactured (mobile) home or a modular home.

Reservists & National Guard Qualify for VA Benefits

Guard members may be eligible for home loans from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).


Seasoning Needed for Adverse Credit Items in Order to Qualify for a VA Home Loan


  • Chapter 7 – generally 2+ years is acceptable; possibly 1-2 years with extenuating circumstances.
  • Chapter 13 – all payments satisfied OK; possibly OK after 12 months of satisfactory payments with court approval.
  • VA Jumbos – no BK within past 7 years.


  • Follow the same rules as Chapter 7 BK
  • Ensure that borrower’s entitlement has been restored (or determine if there’s bonus entitlement).
  • Develop complete information on the facts and circumstances of the foreclosure.

Other Adverse Credit Items

  • Judgements – Must be paid in full at or prior to closing.
Lead Generation

How Agents Can Get Organic VA Leads through SEO

Organic VA leads are hard to come by, but possible. Below are our personal recommendations that we’ve implemented within our business and received great results.

  • Create a Google My Business Page

    If you don't already have a Google My Business page, you are missing out. Create a listing and get it verified as soon as possible. Follow the link here to get started.

  • Include Keywords in your Google Business Name

    Once your Google My Business listing is created, change your title to attract the keywords of the customers you want. You can see an example of our listing on the right. Notice how we have VA in our business name? Our title includes the keywords of the buyers we want to attract.

  • Create a Landing Page for Each Program on your Site

    We created a landing page specifically for VA buyers. This will boost your SEO ranking for people who search “VA home purchase”.

Since we’ve done these three simple steps, we now appear #1 when people search VA Home Loan in the Chino/Chino Hills area.
Good to Know

About the VA market...

There are programs that provide leadgen for Real Estate agents where Real Estate agents give part of their commission to VA members. Popular programs include –

Homes for Heros – As a Realtor you give 30% of your commission. The customer received 25% and the other 5% goes to the program.

Veterans United – Does around the same thing.

One thing to note about these types of programs is that sometimes they do not allow you to join other programs. These programs are primarily about lead gen – although they do benefit Veterans, it’s coming out of your pocket.

We advise real estate agents to careful with these programs – sometimes it can get out of hand, and the companies which put these programs together take a large chunk of your earnings.

These companies know you are eager to get your hands on VA buyers, and do anything they can to get you to sign up without disclosing how much of your paycheck you will be giving them.

We suggest tapping into other alternatives of lead generation – such as working on your website’s SEO, social media marketing, Google ads, and asking your friends, family, and sphere of influence for their help.

Resource Links

One of the best things you can do for our Veterans is educating yourself on the VA loan process and sharing that information with your VA clients. Below is a list of resources completely free for you to learn about the VA home loan process to help your clients. You can also ask us anytime. 😊

Guideline/General Questions: Contact us at (909) 821-7447 (text & call friendly) or email Buzz@JBeeHomeLoans.com

*Support group for helping Veteranshttps://vettedva.com/

*This is a free group that answers all and every question related to VA home loans. It’s designed for mortgage brokers, finance professionals, and real estate agents.

VettedVA – Their free Facebook group where you can post questions, we are a member and these guys are amazing! Their community always answers our questions quickly so we can better support our Veterans.  – https://www.facebook.com/groups/VettedVAProSupport

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