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Close more deals with JBee Home Loan’s partner program.

Let us do the work for you.​

What is the partner program?

JBee Home Loans prides itself on building relationships and expanding its community of realtors, investors, divorce attorneys and other third parties. Through our partner program, potential partners are provided the opportunity to close deals quicker and more effectively – so you can focus on what really matters.

Here at JBee Home Loans, we’re committed to ensuring your leads are converted in a quick, transparent process.

We understand that you want to convert your leads quickly to proceed with closing your deal – which is why we’ve implemented a state of the art system to make closing easier and quicker for both you and the client – all while being 100% transparent in the process.

Benefits of Partnering

Virtual Environment

In this digital age, society demands quick and efficient processes.
The same goes with purchasing a home – buyers and agents desire a smooth and easy process from the initial mortgage application through closing. Thankfully, JBee Home Loans offers superior technology that allows your buyers to apply online and track their loan throughout the entire process.

Access to an Ocean of Investors

Since we aren’t tied to any one lender, we can shop around with multiple lenders to find the best loan product and rate for your buyer’s needs. This is a key advantage as it allows us to compare wholesale rates from a variety of lenders to ensure the borrower gets a lower monthly payment for their specific circumstance. That’s right – a lower monthly payment!

Better Client Experience

JBee Home Loans goes the extra mile for our clients. We are flexible, allowing you to schedule appointments at times that are most convenient for you and your buyers. We don’t look at you or your client as a transaction; we look to build a relationship, offering one-on-one attention throughout the entire loan process.

100% Confidentiality, Guaranteed

All personal information is stored on our AlphaSSL encrypted software – ensuring confidentiality and privacy of all your information. Meetings are treated the same as if you’re a patient visiting a doctor – no confidential information will be revealed without your consent.

What Our Partners Say

What Our Clients Say

Joel Burlingame | President & Head Loan Officer
Jill Burlingame | Branch Manager
Loriauna Mora | Marketing Director & Loan Production
Ashley | Loan Closing Specialist
Mark | Processor & Customer Service


An Experienced Team of Mortgage & Marketing Professionals

What happens when I send a lead to your team?

Upon recieving a lead, our team at JBee Home Loans will immediately contact them at their requested date and method of contact – and offer an in depth consultation. You won’t have to worry about your lead going cold.

This is called the initial discovery call, which will give us all needed information from your client to ensure their needs are met. Initial discovery calls will include slides, data, and information using the client’s plugged in information.

Everything is transparent and presented in an easy to understand way so the client knows what’s going to happen during the mortgage process.

The Follow Up System, Explained.

We aim to be 100% transparent in our follow-up process, keeping both you and your client informed throughout every process. We have engineered the highest state of the art follow-up systems to ensure closing is on time, every time.

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